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For a person with hearing loss, getting your hearing back can feel like rediscovering life. At the Earlens Hearing Center in Plano, Texas, within the greater Dallas area. Our audiology clinic specializes in groundbreaking, non-surgical, direct-drive Earlens technology.

Hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline for many reasons, including the brain’s auditory cortex not receiving enough stimulation. But. But getting the right hearing aids will transform your life and help you rediscover the joy of hearing.

Earlens Hearing Center at Collin County ENT

Earlens Hearing Center uses a new type of technology that delivers incredible sound restoration, improves spatial awareness, and has none of the issues of conventional hearing aids such as feedback (whistling) or unnatural voice perception.

But, as with conventional hearing aids, the key to getting the full Earlens experience is to work with an audiologist. Just like a regular doctor or ophthalmologist, an audiologist is a healthcare professional who can diagnose ear problems and prescribe a tailored solution for you.

The team at the Earlens Hearing Center is here to walk with you on this journey to help you find a hearing loss solution that works for you.

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Benefits of an Earlens Hearing Aid

Seamless Fit

Conventional hearing aids use tiny speakers to amplify sound in your ear. Earlens is different because the lens is placed directly at your eardrum. There, the lens gently vibrates the eardrum and activates the body’s natural hearing system.

Earlens hearing aids work a lot like middle ear implants (MEIs), but they don’t require surgery to put in place. Instead, the device is made up of two parts.

The first part is the ear tip, which is a sound receiver and processor that’s placed behind your ear. It converts sounds into pulses of energy that are transmitted through a special connection to the ear lens placed inside your ear.

The signal from the ear tip moves to the lens, where the signal pulses are converted into vibrations that move the eardrum physically. This mechanism gives Earlens several unique advantages over conventional hearing aids.

Rich, More Natural Hearing

The brain relies on both high and low-frequency sounds for spatial awareness (figuring out where sound is coming from). This is also what helps you hear better in noisy environments.

But, conventional hearing aids limit this ability because they can only reproduce a narrow section of sound bandwidth. All they do is make a sound louder, and some frequencies are lost in this process.

The beauty of Earlens technology is its precision. Since the devices work by physically vibrating the eardrum, they can transmit sound with more than 2.5 times the frequency range of conventional hearing aids.

Earlens deliver sound that feels richer and more natural. You don’t need to strain to hear and understand conversations even in noisy environments.

Improved Acoustic Functionality

The superior design of an Earlens hearing aid and its placement within the ear canal means that the device produces no acoustic feedback. Many hearing aid solutions might incur a whistling sound, but Earlens stands above the rest by delivering a natural sound.

On top of this, all Earlens hearing aids provide exceptional clarity, which can even make it easier to hear sounds in noisy environments. This can give someone an improved sense of spatial awareness.

The Earlens Experience

We have designed a unique 4-step process designed to make your journey to renewed hearing as easy and fulfilling as possible.

Step 1. Discovery
When you first walk into our center, we'll ask you some questions to help us understand what problems hearing loss is causing in your daily life. This information helps us tailor a hearing solution for you to meet your unique hearing goals. Let us know how to help you during this step of your treatment.
Step 2. Evaluation
Earlens Hearing Aids need to be fitted perfectly in your ear. It's a bit like having custom contact lenses, which is why we need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your ears. To start with, we use a camera to check your middle and inner ears. This helps us to determine whether you're a good candidate for Earlens by making sure that you have a normal middle ear and eardrum. We also make sure that you don't have ear infections or other problems.
Step 3. Diagnostics
Earlens need to be programmed to directly target your hearing problems. To help us do that, we conduct several hearing tests in a special sound booth. We'll use special machines to test your hearing in a quiet room and with background noise. These tests will help us determine your degree of hearing loss and your current speech perception. Your audiologist may also refer you to an ENT specialist who will check your ears to see whether any other ear treatments could help you hear better.
Step 4: Treatment Plan
After the tests, we'll go over the test results with you and explain possible solutions. For example, an ENT specialist may recommend treatment to remove wax or fluid buildup. If the tests prove that you have hearing loss, your audiologist will let you know whether you're a good candidate for Earlens. We'll discuss how Earlens Hearing Aids can help you meet your hearing goals. In our center, you'll be able to listen for yourself and compare the sound quality of Earlens and conventional hearing aids so that you can judge for yourself.
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Custom Hearing Solutions for You

After your initial experience at our audiology clinic, getting Earlens is simple:

We also provide ongoing support to make sure that your Earlens hearing aids are working as expected and meet your hearing goals. We may have to make slight modifications or change some settings, but most people report a beautiful hearing experience right from the start.

Hearing Aids to Match Your Lifestyle

We understand that you may have concerns about getting hearing aids. But Earlens is very user-friendly, and they come with several features that make using them easy and hassle-free:

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Earlens aren’t just shiny new technology, they work. A pilot study conducted in 2020 proved that Earlens help users hear better in restaurants and meetings. More importantly, the results and feedback we’re continuing to receive from other hearing loss patients who got Earlens hearing aids are very encouraging.

Personalized Solutions For Your Hearing Loss

As a center of excellence offering medical treatment for hearing loss in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to transform the lives of our patients for the better. We’ll walk the journey of hearing restoration with you, helping you every step of the way.

We have created a unique Earlens experience to help make the whole process as easy and fulfilling for you as possible.

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Meet Our Provider

Keith Matheny

Dr. Keith Matheny is a Vanderbilt-trained Otolaryngologist in community practice in North Dallas, emphasizing Rhinology & Sleep in adults and children.

He has a passion for the business aspects of Otolaryngology, as well as new technology, pharmacotherapy & procedures in ENT.

Dr. Matheny holds numerous patents & patents-pending on bioabsorbable, local drug-delivery implants for use in sinus and ear surgery, founding two device companies around these technologies, Septum Solutions & Otologic Solutions.

He is also the Founder/Chairman/CEO of US ENT Partners, an ENT-focused Group Purchasing Organization bringing savings of 20% or more on the high cost supplies that ENT physicians use in their office daily, as well as a Co-Founder of Sleep Vigil, a company pioneering the concept of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for sleep apnea.

Dr. Matheny has numerous journal publications and has given numerous presentations on his clinical research & on various topics related to the business of medicine.

As a creative outlet, Dr. Matheny makes custom, 3D-printed jewelry within his company Tuff-Links. He volunteers in his community providing charity clinics for multiple school districts around his practice, serving on the local YMCA Board, and as the otolaryngologist for the Dallas Cowboys.

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